Cafe Scientifique: Consider the Consequences

Saturday, May 3, 2014, 3 p.m.
Bard & Banker Public House
1022 Government Street, Victoria

We live in an exciting time of health research discovery. Patients are on
the verge of experiencing the tremendous benefits of drug delivery and
medical implants through nanomaterials; predictions for the successful
treatments of disease through genetic screening; and powerful imaging
techniques that will help diagnose diseases and may unlock how the
brain works. The media, the private sector and the general public usually
greet these discoveries with praise.

But in our excitement, we can sometimes forget the ethical
implications of these new technologies. What are their consequences on
our health and environment? Can we benefit from these health research
discoveries or have they been overblown by the media? What are the
costs of these new technologies on our health care system? Is there a
way to limit the negative impacts of rapid scientific progress?

Join experts for a discussion of the possible benefits and consequences
of new health research “breakthroughs”.