CORD Regional Workshops

Creating Appropriate, Responsible, Sustainable Access to Drugs Health Technology Assessment and Beyond - Regional Workshops

2 Workshops. Attend one day or both.

Workshop 1: Canadian Patient Experts in Health Technology Assessment and Beyond: Current and Evolving NEW Models for Access to Drugs

Target Audience: Patient advocates, healthcare providers, other stakeholders

Genetic therapies, rare disease drugs, personalized medicines, and combination therapies. These new and emerging medicines have many benefits. They allow patients to live longer, suffer fewer side effects, cure or prevent disease, and take them orally and less frequently. But these drugs are also more complex, more complicated to prescribe, and require more participation on the part of the patient to use appropriately. Many are also more expensive.

It is important that patients and other stakeholders are fully informed about the new and emerging therapies, new models for drug development and approval, and new methods for assessing the value of innovative drugs and making them available to patients to assure their safe, effective, and cost-effective use.

Workshop 2: Canadian Strategy for Rare Diseases and Personalized Approach to Drug Access

Target Audience: All stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, decision makers, industry

What are the benefits of Canada’s new Orphan Drug Regulatory Framework (ODRF) allowing drug developers to file for orphan designation in Canada at the same time as in the USA and Europe? How will this help Canadian patients to get included in clinical trials and to access new drugs at the same time as elsewhere?

The workshop will also explore an Orphan Drug Access Framework which proposes a specific pathway for drugs for rare diseases, based on Health Canada’s lifecycle approach, inclusive of current assessment agencies, and built upon the panCanadian pricing alliance as well as current risk sharing/managed access/evidence building programs.

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Regional Forum Calendar

NEW DATE June 22 – 23, Vancouver, BC - CLICK HERE to Register for Vancouver Forum.
Venue: Child & Family Research Institute Chan Centre for Family Health Education
(Auditorium) Entrance #18 938 West 28th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Z 4H4

NEW DATE June 24 –25, Calgary, AB - CLICK HERE to Register for Calgary Forum.
Venue: Calgary Board of Education CT Centre, Innovation & Learning Commons (ILC)
Premier Conference Room, 2336 – 53 Ave. SW. Calgary, AB